Perl Projects

Full Projects
Security Reporter This is a program to be run on a linux firewall. It is designed
to parse the messages logs and report on all logged packets.
It assumes that you log all of your rejected packets.
Ip Reporter A client server set of scripts to keep track of the Ip's of servers
using dynamic ip's (small routers and the such.)
Ping Tracker A Script to track the ping between two nodes on a network.

Snippets, Small Scripts
Analyze Apache Log File This small script analyzes your access logs for apache and
and shows who has been accessing your website and how many times.
(It puts it in access number order.)
Primary Resources: File Parsing, Reverse Lookup
Compare Binary Files This program was originally written to compare jpg files quickly.
It basically reads in $compare_length (default 500) values from
each file and compares it against all other files. It works on
any binary file. So if you have downloaded a bunch of files and
want to know which ones are duplicates just run this on the
Download directory.
Primary Resources: Binary File Parsing, Directory Parsing
Text File Label Run This Is a good demonstration of a format. It reads in a file in a
comma-delimited text file and prints out mailing labels.
Primary Resources: Text File parsing, Format Example, Printing from perl
DB Label Run This is very simular to the program above except it accesses a databse
for all the information and in this case elliminated labels if there
was nobody working there.
Primary Resources: Oracle DB access and Parsing, Format Example, Printing from perl
Ping Test This is a simple usefull program for all those people having problems
with their dsl, or cable modems (and tech support never believes you.)
I ran it on my server for a week with the output sent to a file.
(./ >connection.log) and then sent it to them.
But make sure to set the $host to you nearest gateway.
Primary Resources: Utilizing the Ping Routine.
Remove Empty Directories This is another small but usefull script. It takes one parameter,
a directory. It will recursivly search the drectory given for empty
directories and delete them.
Primary Resources: Directory Parsing, Recursion
Print Out Environment Variables If you've ever wondered what environment variables are at your disposal
when writing a perl script, Find out!!! Just put this script in you cgi-bin
directory and access it through a webbrowser.
VERY usefull when dealing with https.
Primary Resources: Environment Variable Access
Urlencode Function Writing perl code with is frusterating after you get used to php,
at least for me. A common issue is urlencoding a string. Here is a very
fast function to take care of it.