Ip Reporter in Perl


Being Someone who works on many different routers (Linux), I get tired of
asking people for their Router IP. (For those on Dynamic IP DSL, it changes on
each reconnect.) So I wrote this little client/server set to simply report
the IP of the router once an hour. (on each reconnect would be better but
I haven't figured that out yet, and this is good enough for now.)


Server : reportsrv.pl
Client : report.pl


Begin by editing the parameters (there's only a couple) at the begining of
the report server and start it on a known (static) ip server. (I'd link the
html page to somewhere on your webserver too.)

Now on each remote site put the report.pl file into the cron.hourly dir and
edit the variables in that too (at least the unique Id.)



Revision History

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