Just a few quotes that I've collected that I don't want to forget.

REAL MEN parse the raw html in their heads and just imagine what the pictures are from the tags.
-- Some guy on Slashdot
"Never ascribe to malice, that which is adequately explained by incompetence"
-- Napolean Bonaparte
On what to name your programs:

I keep 'em straight by remembering filesizes :)
-- trentfoly on Slashdot
When an engineer claims to be fuelled by something other than caffeine, I'm immediately suspicious.
-- jd on Slashdot.
hmmmm what was that command? mke2fs -cj /dev/brain Yeah, that's it.
-- Eric in the middle of Finals.
I think the plan would have worked.
But in the end I decided that ruling the world was too much trouble.
So I took a nap instead.
-- Dogbert.