WebCam Monitor in java


I created this java applet because I could not find one with the features that I wanted that didn't have extra baggage that I couldn't Turn Off. This is very common, applets or services that you need to buy or add advertisements.


You can download from right here. Most people only need the jar file.
Pre-Compiled file in Jar format: webcam.jar
Source File :


This is a very simple applet to use, just copy the jar file into the directory where the webpage is hat will contain the webcam image.
Then embed the following code into the page you want the cam on:

<applet code=webcam.class archive="webcam.jar" width=320 height=240>
<param name="imageurl" value="">
<param name="refreshsec" value="30">
<param name="offlineurl" value="">
<param name="offline_sec" value="500">
<param name="drawcounter" value="true">


width The Width you would like the picture.
height The Height you would like the picture.
imageurl The Full Url of the image you would like to display.
refreshsec The delay between refreshes in seconds.
offlineurl The Full Url of the image you would like to display when the mod-date is more than offline_sec old. Make sure this is more than refreshsec and more than the frequency of your updates.
offline_sec How old the image needs to be to be considered offline.
drawcounter True = Draw Countdown timer in lower right hand corner.
False = Do not draw counter.

Revision History

1.2 Added an offline image and Offline image timeout. (It uses the mod-time)
1.0 First Official Post.
0.006 Double Buffered the display, no longer flashes.
0.005 Counter is being displayed.
0.002 Cache is now being Flushed and Image is updating.
0.001 Picture is being displayed and mediatracker working.