Credits For MentalJynx.Com

This is not a very serious page.
I write all of my own html and create all my own graphics.
I write most of my own applets (and cite sources when I don't.)
However, I felt that for those who wonder who or what contributes
to this site, I'd create this page.

As I said, I write all of my own html. I highly dislike GUI (gooey) things.
Which means that a good text editor is my best friend. UltraEdit seems to
be the best I've found without all the annoying gadgets. It Highlights
text for as many languages as I use (although I did have to expand it's db.)
It's one of those once you set all the option to what you want it just works
without having to fiddle with it.
During the many days and nights I have consumed many many cases of this
companies fine products. The little fridge in the studio contains Pepsi,
Mountain Dew, And Dew Code Red.
Most of my graphics work is done in Photoshop 6.0 without any plugins.
I actually just got the Deep Paint and EyeCandy Plugins but really haven't
played with them enough to really get into them. Who knows if I ever will.

Without a doubt I have to credit Redhat for their Linux distribution.
It's free and works so nice. Updates are easy and as painless as possible.
My favorite by far. I also have to credit Sun, in particular their efforts
with the Java language. I like to see a company support something like that
for free. I think they make a nice workstation too.